Casting is a technology in which metal is melted into a mold made of sand, etc.
Yamagata castings were loved by people because they have a high heat retention effect and make the water mellow.
The origin of Yamagata castings dates back to a foundry who visited this area from Kyoto in the late Heian period and realized that the sand of the Mamigasaki River, which flows through Yamagata City, and the surrounding soil were perfect for casting.
It wasn't until the Edo period that it truly developed as a foundry production area.
Yoshimitsu Mogami, the lord of Yamagata Castle, built ``Kajimachi'' and ``Doumachi'' on the north side of the Mamigasaki River and trained craftsmen and foundry craftsmen.
The biggest appeal of the iron kettles sold here is that they are consistently produced by a single craftsman.
They also have practical aspects to use in daily life and artistic aspects to appreciate and enjoy.
All iron kettles come with a warranty card in the name of the craftsman.
Normally, there is a division of labor, but in order to pass on traditional craftsmanship, we carry out all processes in-house.
Every product begins with a prototype, so no two products are exactly alike.
We have delivered several gifts to the Japanese Imperial Family. It has also won the International Cultural Arts Award.
This product is all handmade by craftsmen. Please note that the color and shape may differ from the published photo.
All of these products are handmade and have a craftsman's inscription.